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Philosophy & Priorities


“The relationship to an experience is sometimes more important than the experience itself ".


John Briere, Nov. 2015 (relationships)

The evidence that we collect through CPR research is used to develop best practices for individual and group counselling that are used to help manage the psychosocial/psychological risk factors affecting mental health and well being among those who work at Providence Health Care.

The CPR team provides and evaluates services throughout the organization and links with other services. As with all clinical services, adherence to confidentiality practices is paramount.

The CPR approach: Depth and complexity of navigating relationships

  • Matching the needs of a team is not formulaic.
  • The past is always present and requires expert handling. The features from the past which informs us about who we are today is always present and we may see it or not.
  • Requires assessment and adaptation to the unique characteristics of each team. To understand the complexity and nuances of interpersonal relationships at work, thorough assessments are completed.
  • Requires an understanding of the need for both task and process orientations. CPR works hard to balance the task needs of the required work and at the same time, the process needs for relationship development. Sometimes, it is recognised that the most urgent team task is the process of maintaining relationships.
  • Providing awareness of the necessity or the functional disconnect the ‘emotional reconnect’.
  • Addresses relationship complexity (self, others, Other).