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Mission & Vision

Focused on the health care community, we strive to:

  • Enhance well-being, inspire vocational satisfaction, and revitalize compassion and mutual support.
  • Understand and address how to sustain health care providers in the workplace.
  • Explore the cost of being in the presence of suffering.

We do this through high quality service, education and research. We are a vibrant, interdisciplinary centre that serves as a model for collaboration, service and compassion.

We strive to foster compassion as a means to sustain the well-being of people who work in the health care community.

We create and provide relevant services to enhance psychological and spiritual well-being and strengthen relationships among care teams and practitioners.

We conduct research that develops evidence-based tools and practices to enhance vocational satisfaction and compassionate service with measurable outcomes.

We advocate for understanding the costs of being in the presence of suffering and the rewards of contributing to the healing of others.

We attract practitioners and leaders from around the world to learn and dialogue about creating compassionate and collaborative healthcare communities.